Are Hyundai Vehicles Good in the Snow?


Hyundai vehicles offer exceptional performance in the snow thanks to robust features and configurations. Most Hyundai vehicles come with HTRAC AWD drive systems that make navigating snowy and slippery roads easier. Even for SUVs using the front-wheel drive mode, Hyundai compensates with optimized snow modes. You can also leverage Michelin snow tires for the best traction on slippery winter roads. Here’s an overview of how Hyundai vehicles perform in the snow, including a list of the best Hyundai models for winter driving:


How Hyundai Vehicles Perform in the Snow


Factors used to determine if a vehicle is good in the snow include the wheel drive system, dive modes, horsepower, ground clearance, traction control, and tires. Hyundai vehicles generally offer improved performance during winter months and icy roads. The vehicles come with different trim levels, each with unique configurations for smooth cruises. For instance, Hyundai Tucson has great ground clearance to get over snow buildup and other obstacles. A raised clearance reduces the chances of your SUV getting stuck.


Hyundai’s HTRAC AWD driving system is another feature that can make it easier to drive in winter conditions. Combined with raised trim levels, the all-wheel drive mode can power through deep snow cover, using traction on the front and rear wheels. You can also switch from snow to sand and mud modes for the best outcome. Season tires are available to give you a better grip on the road and reduce skidding. Some models, like the Hyundai Santa Fe, also feature a powerful engine that can propel the automobile through snowy road conditions.


Best Hyundai Vehicles for Winter Driving


Hyundai vehicles are generally built with winter road conditions in mind. They’re also usable in all weather conditions. For models with no AWD drive systems, Hyundai uses automatic snow modes to prevent tire skids. Snow mode applies brakes to the tires when it senses a slippage, allowing you to stay on track. Slippage occurs when tires rotate faster than normal, indicating slippery ground. While all Hyundai models have some winter optimization, some are more suited to snowy roads. Here are the three best Hyundai vehicles for winter driving in Canada:


Hyundai Tucson


Tuscon has a heavier trim, great ground clearance, and a powerful plug-in hybrid powertrain that can produce 261 hp. The compact SUV features snow, mud, and sand drive modes and has a standard HTRAC all-wheel driving system. Heated seats and dual-zone automatic climate control help to keep you warm during winter weather.


Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe combines some of Hyundai’s best safety features and innovations to provide a sophisticated car for the winter. Users can enjoy an improved driving experience with easily adjustable chairs, automatic windshield wipers, and enhanced safety through SmartSense. A 2,000-pound towing capacity in the SEL trims also means you can bring your camper along.


Hyundai Kona


Kona offers multiple powertrain options, including a turbocharged engine with seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. Advanced high-strength steel construction absorbs impact while lane-keeping assist and forward collision avoidance keep you on the road. Automatic wipers, AWD driving and interchangeable modes are other helpful winter driving features of the Hyundai Kona.


Hyundai Winter Cars and Tires at Saskatoon South Hyundai


Many other Hyundai vehicles, like Hyundai Santa Cruz, Hyundai Palisade, and Elantra, can offer improved cruise control despite winter weather. They host standard Hyundai safety features and snow-ready optimizations like AWD, heated seats and steering wheels, and improved traction control. You can find the best Hyundai vehicles at our Saskatoon South dealership. Whether you fancy the midsize palisade or compact Tuscon, our personnel will help you find what you want. We also provide winter tires to give you more traction on icy roads. You’ll also get a test drive to help reinforce your car-buying decision.