Are Hyundai Vehicles Reliable?

Are Hyundai Vehicles Reliable? Ask the Saskatoon South Hyundai Experts


Hyundai Automaker was founded in 1967 in South Korea and entered a two-year partnership with Ford in 1968. In 1985, the motor company made its move by unveiling the 1985 Sonata. Hyundai then introduced the Excel a year later in North America, selling over 160,000 cars in its first year throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico. Today, Hyundai is among the top five largest automakers with renowned lines like Ioniq, Kia, and Genesis. Hyundai also has hybrid vehicles like Tucson, Kona, Elantra, and Santa Fe Hybrid HEVs. Saskatoon South Hyundai experts have listed some of the main factors outlining the reliability of Hyundai vehicles.


Assessing the Reliability of Hyundai Vehicles


Determining the reliability of any new car involves assessing performance across various factors. Fuel efficiency, overall cost of repairs and maintenance, and safety features lead the review areas. Hyundai vehicles in Canada come with a class-leading 10-year or 100,000-mile warranty, which is enough to capture attention. The affordable trims like Hyundai Venue, Kona, and Elantra also draw many customers. Here’s how Saskatoon South Hyundai experts break down the reliability of Canadian Hyundai vehicles:


Fuel Economy


Hyundai vehicles are recognized for being fuel efficient and have been named in the Car of the Year awards. The Hyundai Ioniq, Hyundai Monker, and Hyundai Santa Fe vehicles have all emerged as leading electric vehicles for fuel economy. New vehicles released by the motor company continue to improve fuel economy using IVT transmission systems and hybrid electric powertrains. Some models feature a solar sunroof that charges the electric motor.


Repairs Costs


The annual cost of repairing Hyundai cars is lower than the overall average for all brands. All you need to do is complete regular service, oil change, and car wash. The Hyundai Assurance Warranty covers most basic repairs within the first 10 years. No other brand can match Hyundai’s powertrain warranty. All models, from the small Kona and KIA to the Hyundai Palisade Ultimate and Ioniq, require fewer visits to the service department.


Safety Ratings


Hyundai’s SUVs, coupes, and sedans are among the safest in the market. Many models, including Hyundai Palisade, 2023 Sonata, Ioniq 6, and Santa Cruz, have received good ratings for crashworthiness and won top safety picks. New vehicles from the automaker feature enhanced safety features, including blind-spot crash alerts and comprehensive driver-assist technologies. The vehicles also offer smooth, linear acceleration and improved driver experiences.


Trade-in Value


Car depreciation costs vary from model to model, which is why the trade-in value is an important factor when determining reliability. Whether you live in Toronto, Saskatchewan, or Ontario, your new car will eventually get old. Hyundai models offer higher trade-in values because of their extended warranty and low cost of ownership. Models like the 2022 Santa Cruz cost less yearly than Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger.


Reliable Hyundai Vehicles at Saskatoon South Hyundai Dealership


Investing in a Hyundai automotive can give you more years of comfort, convenience, performance, and low costs. A new Hyundai car can run for three years or more before you need to repair anything. Even if you have a used car, Hyundai models are less likely to require visits to the shop if you complete the simple mandatory services like a timely oil change. Saskatoon South Hyundai gives you access to standard and electric vehicle models from Hyundai. Whether you prefer the affordable Elantra or the award-winning Santa Fe, we have the car for your taste. Call our phone number or visit us at Melville Street, 827 Saskatoon, SK S7J 5L2, to learn more about our Hyundai dealership. You can also use the map feature to direct you to our location.