Hyundai’s Green Initiative

Hyundai’s Green Initiative: Eco-Friendly Cars for You


Car manufacturers are producing eco-friendly cars to preserve the environment for sustainability purposes. The new cars from automakers, such as Kia, Ford, and Hyundai, one of the best brands in the Korean automotive industry, generate significantly lower emissions that keep the environment clean. Electric vehicles are the best for preventing adverse climate changes because they do not produce tailpipe emissions. Hyundai is one of the top automotive brands that make environmentally friendly electric vehicles for carbon neutrality. Its electric motors distributed throughout the world, including in European and Asian countries, such as Korea, America, Canada, and Norway, use renewable energy. Hyundai’s green initiatives include making cars with positive environmental impact, such as:


  1. Hyundai Ioniq 5 and 6


Hyundai, a South Korean, automotive company makes Ioniq 5 and 6 using flowers, plants, and recycled bottles to contribute to a sustainable future. The zero-emission vehicles, which come in a variety of colours such as blue, have a 77kWh battery capacity, 614 km electric range, and recharge within 18 minutes. The eco-friendly materials used in the manufacturing process of the Hyundai Ioniq electric cars include copper, nickel, graphite, lithium, and neodymium. Batteries in these Ioniq 6 and 5 Hyundai electric vehicles can be re-used and partly upcycled for improved fuel efficiency. In addition, engineers of the model also use hydrogen technology to produce clean energy and make the vehicles rely less on oil-based products to reduce carbon footprint for a better future.


  1. Kona Electric


Another iconic masterpiece of the Hyundai Motor Group is the Kona Electric, which helps preserve the ecosystem in Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world. The sleek and refined electric cars have a pure electric powertrain that generates an almost 400 km driving range. It also features several safety components like the fuel-powered vehicles. These electric cars come in standard and flagship versions. Hyundai’s commitment to the sustainable mobility of its cars makes it use recyclable raw materials, such as wood for making car handles and the dashboard for the Kona brand.


  1. Sonata


Hyundai Motor Company also makes the Sonata to add to its green cars. The clean energy vehicles with zero carbon emissions are unique because of the installed solar panel at the upper hood of the car to increase mileage. It’s also iconic in terms of the interior and exterior features such as heated seats, safety elements, and entertainment features to give you the best driving experience.


Other Eco-friendly Hyundai Electric Cars


Hyundai Motor Group also makes plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, such as Fuel Cell and Tucson. The FCEV was a prototype of Santa Fe electric vehicles in 2001. Its ix35 boasts a 600 km drive range and 24-hour energy storage in the lithium-ion polymer battery. The output of fuel cell eco-friendly vehicles is around 100kW. Nexo is a Hyundai eco vehicle that is an advancement of the Fuel cell. The hydrogen-powered cars have a range of 800 km and boast of smart driving assistance systems. They also possess autonomous driving capabilities for a better ride experience. The Tucson is another plug-in hybrid green car that offers advanced safety technologies and a 13.8 kWh battery capacity. Its unique exterior features and the sporty and bold design make it a go for the car.


In a Nutshell!


Hyundai’s environmental sustainability initiative is in line with Carbon Neutrality 2045, a program that aims to neutralize CO2 emissions. Are you interested in embarking on a greener journey? Stop by today at Saskatoon South Hyundai to discover the exhilarating world of eco-conscious vehicles firsthand.