Is the Hyundai Venue Good in the Winter?

Is the Hyundai Venue Good in the Winter?


Hyundai Venue is a popular compact SUV with advanced features for driving on the snow. Although the crossover is a 2WD, unique integrations like Snow Mode give it an all-wheel drive level of performance. The SUV, like the Hyundai Santa Fe and Tucson hybrid cars, uses both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Hyundai Venue’s 29 mpg city hybrid powertrain produces an output of 121 combined horsepower, enough to drive through moderate snow. Here’s an overview of Hyundai Venue’s performance in the winter. 


Hyundai Venue Winter Features


Hyundai Venue is more recognized for its hybrid powertrain, which delivers better fuel economy. As a front-wheel drive, the Venue suits city roads and highways more than off-road adventures. You wouldn’t expect it to match AWD models from Honda, Toyota, Nissan, or other top brands. However, the compact car has special features optimized for winter driving and snowy terrain. Snow tires can increase the SUV’s performance on winter roads. However, you’ll rely more on the Snow Mode in 2WD traction.


Hyundai Venue Snow Mode


Snow mode in the Venue is designed to help drivers maintain control on slippery winter roads. The SUV has manual and automatic snow drive modes. Automatic mode engages when temperatures fall below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Manual transmission requires the driver to engage the mode manually. Snow mode reduces tire slippage on snow and ice by applying the brakes slightly when it detects slippage. This allows you to stay on track when driving on slippery roads. The mode also reduces the torque sent to the wheels for easy driving up an icy road. Slippage occurs when wheel rotation is faster than normal. Both automatic and manual modes offer the same level of control and performance.


Other Hyundai Venue Features


Hyundai Venue has other safety features optimized for driving on winter roads. Your new car will have helpful fog lights, LED headlights, and a cabin heater. Fog lights help you see in dark, icy winter roads, while the cabin heater keeps you warm. Although these are standard features across all trim levels, they complement the model’s snow mode and other convenience features. You can also install winter tires to get the most out of the snow mode. Saskatoon South Hyundai dealership offers a wide range of Hyundai vehicles, so you can schedule a test drive to see how the Venue performs compared to other models.


Driving Hyundai Venue During the Winter


Hyundai Venue is a hybrid small SUV, more like Tucson and Ionic. The model attracts people looking for subcompact SUVs like Hyundai Kona and Kia Soul. You’ll find cutting-edge features, including a touchscreen, solar sunroof, blind-spot collision warning, and driver-assist. Trim levels like the Hyundai Venue SEL also have improved cabin amenities like a touchscreen, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and more. The Venue also uses intelligent variable transmission (IVT), which enables smooth, linear acceleration. IVT delivers better transmission efficiency than continuous variable transmission (CVT).


Get Your Hyundai Vehicle from Saskatoon South Hyundai


Hyundai Venue is a fuel-efficient, economical, small SUV suitable for commuting. Its stylish grille, quality denim interior, and spacious rear seats make it an aesthetic, functional option for small families. Saskatoon South Hyundai can help you order your Hyundai Venue SEL or any other trim right here in Canada. We’re a leading Hyundai dealer in South Saskatoon, Canada. Contact us to learn more about Hyundai Venue or schedule a driving test to experience its winter performance on standard and snow tires. Your new car will also arrive with a lengthy warranty from the manufacturer.