Spring Cleaning Tips: Refreshing Your Car’s Interior and Exterior for the Season

As the winter season ends and the spring sets in, it is a perfect time for spring cleaning of cars and other valuables because of the favourable weather. A vehicle has to be clean, tidy, refreshing, and comfortable to enhance your driving experience. You can keep it clean by removing dirt, debris, grime, mud, and other contaminants. Deep cleaning is part of car maintenance that makes a vehicle perform efficiently, prevents sudden breakdowns, and improves appearance and comfort. Car care entails cleaning both the car’s interior and exterior parts of the vehicle that ensures car owners or drivers get the best service experiences. It also involves taking care of the car’s paint to ensure the motor vehicle retains its colour for the longest.


Spring Cleaning Tips for Car’s Exterior


When it comes to cleaning the exterior parts of a vehicle, it is essential to use cleaning products that preserve the lustre in car paint rather than damage it. The process entails washing and waxing the undercarriage using a soft sponge or mitt and cleaning solutions. Winter tires, wheels, and wheel wells also require a brush and special wheel cleaner to remove mud, road salt, and dust buildup. During deep cleaning, you can use a microfiber cloth to make the windows and mirrors crystal clear for a road trip. In addition, the exterior car wash can also entail applying a rain repellent on the windshield for enhanced visibility after cleaning it and its windshield wipers or wiper blades to make the glass cleaner.


Spring Cleaning the Car’s Interior


After ensuring the exterior parts of your old or new car are gleaming, it's time for a thorough interior cleaning. When cleaning the vehicle’s interior parts, declutter all the trash and unnecessary things in the car. A professional can also remove the crumbs, trash, and other things that fall in crevices, nooks and crannies between seats. 

Next, thoroughly clean the car or floor mats, carpets, upholstery, and leather seats using a vacuum to remove all sorts of dirt buildup from the winter months. With quality cleaning products and automotive-specific cleaners, clean and disinfect the surfaces, such as the steering wheel and centre console, to kill bacteria and germs.

Freshening your Vehicle’s Interior


After a thorough interior cleaning, you can make your vehicle have a refreshing and pleasant smell using solid car air fresheners in compact containers or cupholders. As you transition from winter to spring, ensure the air conditioner in the vehicle is at its peak by changing or cleaning the air filters and other vital parts and checking the coolant for improved indoor air quality and comfort.


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