The Advantages of Buying vs. Leasing a Hyundai in Saskatoon

The Advantages of Buying vs. Leasing a Hyundai in Saskatoon


Owning the latest Hyundai Tuscon, Santa Cruz, or Elantra may require several thousand dollars, but you can make smaller loan payments over a few months or years. Those who want to own a Hyundai prefer buying, which frees them from future monthly payments. However, buying may involve a larger auto loan. Leasing lets you drive a new vehicle with all the latest technology and requires much lower monthly payments. You can lease the latest Hyundai Santa Fe or Kona without paying a large down payment or worrying about maintenance. However, leasing won’t result in ownership because you have to return the car. Here’s an overview of the advantages of buying vs. leasing a Hyundai vehicle in Saskatoon.


The Pros of Buying a Hyundai


If you want to own and keep your car for as long as possible, there’s no need to lease. Simply scour the dealership for reliable Hyundai cars built to last for years. You can make a large down payment, find a low-interest rate, and choose the shortest repayment periods you can manage to expedite your car ownership. You can compare financing options to get the best deal your credit score can attract. Once you’ve completed payments for the new automotive, you won’t have to worry about future payments. Your purchase also comes with a lengthy warranty.


The car will be yours forever, and you may sell or use it as a trade-in for a new car. You’re also not obligated to keep it pristine or complete every little repair if you don’t want to. Buying a Hyundai gives you the freedom to drive and use the car however you desire. Nonetheless, you’ll be responsible for maintenance and repairs if you get into an accident. Some people find peace of mind in owning their Hyundai and not having to worry about the end of the lease term.


The Pros of Leasing a Hyundai


Leasing a Hyundai in Canada involves driving the car for two to four years and returning it to the dealership. Lease agreements let you drive the latest car in Saskatoon at a fraction of the price. Because you’re only paying for the car’s depreciation over your use period, lease monthly payments are often low. After the lease term ends, you can return the car and get another under a new lease agreement. Cars in leave agreements have a guaranteed residual value, so the down payment and monthly payments tend to be low.


However, you must keep the vehicle pristine, maintain the mileage in the lease terms, and avoid unnecessary wear and tear. The main advantage of leasing is the opportunity to drive the latest in-stock Hyundai without taking a considerable auto loan to finance it. If you prefer the latest car technology and trims, move around a lot, or need more time to commit, you can lease before buying. However, leasing leaves you with no car at the end of the lease term. The monthly lease payment doesn’t build any equity, so the lender will regain possession of the car.


Should I Buy or Lease a Hyundai?


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