What does the Hyundai warranty cover

What Does the Hyundai Warranty Cover?


Hyundai, as a car manufacturer, stands out for its top-quality, reliable vehicles. The brand is also known for cutting-edge technologies and highly innovative designs. To express the confidence that the company has in the performance and durability of its vehicles, Hyundai offers quite a comprehensive car warranty. Therefore, when you buy a new vehicle from a reliable Hyundai dealer, such as Saskatoon South Hyundai, you can rest assured that you will not incur a financial loss should your vehicle break down within the given time or mileage. Here is what you need to know about Hyundai’s warranty.


What is Covered by The Warranty?


The warranty usually covers the original components found to be defective under normal usage and proper maintenance. Some of the components covered include the powertrain, paint, body parts, battery, audio system, engine and transmission replacement parts, and emission and air conditioning refrigerant. The main elements of the warranty for a new vehicle include:


Basic Coverage


The basic car warranty covers replacement and repair costs of any original Hyundai component and factory defects that occur under normal use and proper maintenance within 5 years or 60000 kilometres, whichever comes first.  


Paint and Surface Corrosion Warranty


This Hyundai factory warranty covers corrosion on body panels caused by poor workmanship or defects in materials. This Hyundai warranty spans 36 months or 60000 kilometers. However, minor and cosmetic paint issues are covered for 12 months or 20000 kilometres.


Powertrain Coverage


Powertrain warranty covers repair or replacement costs for specified engine and transaxle components. Some of the components covered include cylinder block, intake and exhaust manifolds, oil pump, water pump, oil pan, valve cover, gaskets, seals, engine mounts, tensioners, timing cover, timing chain and gears, and core plugs. This car warranty also covers transaxle housing, torque converts, transaxle mounts, constant velocity joints, and drive axles, among other engine and transaxle components.


Anti-perforation Coverage  


Anti-perforation warranty covers perforations caused by corrosion on the vehicle’s body. This car warranty spans 60 months from the day of warranty registration.


What is Not Covered by The Warranty?


Although the Hyundai car warranty is quite comprehensive, it doesn’t cover everything. Some of the elements not covered by the Hyundai warranty include:


  • Normal maintenance such as oil change, lubrication, cleaning, wheel balancing, and headlight aiming.
  • Normal replacement service items such as spark plugs, wiper blades, lamp bulbs, brake pads, and fuses.
  • Damage resulting from negligence, theft, accidents, modifications, fire, or misuse.


Owner’s Responsibilities


Your car warranty does not come without some condition. For your Hyundai warranty to remain valid, you have the following responsibilities:


  • Using your new vehicle properly and maintaining it as instructed in your owner’s manual.
  • Keeping maintenance records
  • Check for defects when your new vehicle is delivered.
  • Taking your vehicle to an authorized Hyundai dealership for regular warranty service


The Bottom Line


As you can see, if you are looking for a vehicle that is easy for you to maintain, Hyundai is the answer. Visit Saskatoon South Hyundai for the best deals and a car warranty that will guarantee you peace of mind.